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Seven Brothers Construction G2: Centralizing information with BIM 360 Field

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Seven Brothers Construction G2 has steadily expanded and remained a top performer among Quebec’s general contractors since it was founded. Project after project, Seven Brothers delivers quality buildings and meets the expectations of its prestigious clients. The company hopes to leverage the latest technology to stay ahead of the pack and keep its competitive edge.

The challenge? Make better decisions—faster!

The Seven Brothers team called on Consortech to help them adopt top-of-the-line technology and incorporate solid work processes into the company’s construction projects. Consortech conducted a needs assessment and suggested they implement the BIM 360 Field solution to achieve the following objectives:

  • Reduce risks associated with completing projects
  • Centralize information needed on the construction site
  • Optimize management and monitoring processes
  • Make better decisions faster with up-to-date and complete information that is readily available
  • Reduce monitoring time for site supervisors
  • Streamline ordering procedures for equipment and material

To get there, our experts:

  • Analyzed the company’s methods and procedures
  • Set up and configured the BIM 360 Field platform
  • Trained the software administrators and supported workers on the construction site
  • Produced a user manual in line with company’s standards
  • Prepared and automated reporting

A revolution in information centralization

The implementation of BIM 360 Field opened a world of possibilities to Seven Brothers Construction G2. Following the advancement of projects in real time has been a great leap forward for the company and has impacted work processes on many levels.

Being able to access up-to-date information and have a comprehensive view of projects has helped the team make better decisions and spend less time on daily tasks. The instant transfer of information makes it easier to send memos and facilitates deficiency monitoring. Better tracking of ordered equipment and materials streamlines management processes, while having accurate and complete reports automatically-generated ensures the company has project data it can trust.  

Adapting tools to facilitate adoption

Consortech tackled several hurdles on this project, two of which were particularly challenging for the client. The first required us to adapt the system to the company’s work processes—a big job that was well worth the effort. We used special tricks and workarounds to align the system with existing company practices. Our teams then had to address resistance to new technology and get on‑site personnel using the new system. Honest and transparent communication proved vital in changing their habits and tailoring the system to their needs.

What are YOUR challenges?

If the challenges faced by Seven Brothers Construction G2 sound familiar, contact our experts for tips and support.

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Real-time access to better organized, up-to-date information helped us improve and streamline monitoring to make it less challenging and time-consuming. The system is incredible, and, after a lot of help from Consortech, it operates like it was custom-built just for us. Consortech’s knowledge, efficiency and professionalism have helped us step into the future.

Rio C. Argento, Director and Project Manager, Seven Brothers Construction G2
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