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JLP : Enhancing the collaborative aspect of projects through BIM

La technologie au service du BIM


Jodoin Lamarre Pratte architectes is an architectural design firm specializing in institutional projects. In order to meet the complex needs of its health care, education, research and transport clients, the Montréal firm works with other professionals. At one point, they noticed that BIM was a proven process for carrying out consortium projects. In fact, preliminary design work for the CHU Sainte-Justine and the CRCHUM was performed with several project offices, and the BIM approach was used to centralize information from the various teams.

To be more effective when carrying out projects collaboratively or in consortium, JLP called upon Consortech to make a concrete demonstration of BIM usage in its production team. The professionals wanted to confirm good practices and affirm their ability to effectively complete projects started with this approach.

                                 What we implemented

Every measure was taken by Consortech’s integrated work team to ensure that the Revit tool would allow all professionals at JLP to work in an independent and productive manner while minimizing the potential impacts of technological change.

  • Analyzed existing technologies and processes
  • Recommended a technology that facilitates BIM (Revit)
  • Dispensed Revit training customized to each user’s level of proficiency
  • Trained and supported a BIM manager
  • Configured the Revit software solution
  • Set up validation and quality control tools


  • Transitioning a multidisciplinary production team from AutoCAD to Revit
  • Training users of different levels
  • Adapting the use of technologies to a highly structured work environment


Consortech’s experience with large-scale institutional projects was a great boon to JLP during this implementation. The functional expertise of Consortech’s resources provided an understanding of the issues and limitations of the technologies to be adopted. The fact that the training and tools could be personalized and adapted helped JLP employees feel comfortable with their new design solution and enabled them to use it effectively in their work.

  • A smooth transition from the traditional method to the BIM approach was carried out
  • Professionals were put at ease about working with the Revit software solution
  • New work methods in line with JLP’s structure were implemented
  • Already-started projects were continued with a BIM approach
  • Estimation was made easier using Revit data models

BIM benefits had been clear to us for a while. We could rely on Consortech to support BIM implementation, while sticking to our ways of doing business within our constraints. 

Nicolas Ranger, Partner Architect, JLP
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