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EBC: Assessing the innovative BIM approach in a building construction context


Renowned construction contractor EBC called upon Consortech to initiate the first steps of a BIM approach and assess the results.

Delivering quality projects within established timelines and budgets is the foundation of EBC Inc.’s mission. To this end, the Montréal company focuses on innovation and implements the best methods and technologies on the market. As the company’s leadership cares about risk management, they chose to use Consortech’s BIM implementation service for a residential and long-term care centre (CHSLD) project. Since the company had already carried out a similar project without BIM, they reasoned that this would allow them to measure the comparative benefits of the approach.

By partnering with Consortech’s BIM experts, EBC ensured it would undertake a genuine shift to BIM and be able to compare the results.

                                        What we implemented

Since the project had already been half completed with AutoCAD and the use of BIM technology had never been discussed with the involved professionals, we had to find an approach that benefitted all stakeholders. Consortech’s role was decisive, especially with the architect. He had never carried out a project using Revit and needed to be reassured about the support he would be provided throughout the project.

  • Set up an intervention plan
  • Trained the architect on Revit software
  • Supported the project lead in the shift to BIM
  • Set up a custom BIM management plan
  • Actively participated in coordination meetings


  • Getting involved in a project that had been 50% completed with a traditional CAD tool
  • Training and supporting an architect who had never worked with Revit
  • Implementing a BIM approach in a project that was initiated traditionally, for all stakeholders


Knowing that BIM is a process that must be implemented gradually and in line with a company’s business needs, Consortech’s experts set up a custom intervention plan and played an active role with the project’s stakeholders. EBC is now equipped to continue its growth using this approach.

  • The timetable for BIM design and creation was followed
  • Coordination on the construction site was improved
  • A BIM manager was hired to continue with this approach

This initial project allowed us to see the full range of possibilities with BIM. If we had to do one thing differently, I’d like Consortech to be involved more with the subcontractors and the specialized trades, especially the mechanics, to help improve their use of BIM-related tools. The expert consultants at Consortech offered us a simple approach that was clearly set out in a BIM management plan adapted to our situation and the experience level of our partners.

Éric Belley, construction manager, EBC
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