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What's included in Infrastructure Design Suite ?

In 2012, Autodesk underwent a major shift in terms of its civil engineering and infrastructure management solutions, with all users of the Civil 3D software being automatically migrated, free of charge, to the Infrastructure Design Suite.


While Infrastructure Design Suite can obviously be used for everything that you previously did with Civil 3D, we thought it would be a good idea to outline the various features of the other software included in the suite.


So, here are the top 6 things you can do with the suite that weren’t possible with the Civil 3D software:


Manage municipal infrastructure data – using Map 3D

You have the CAD and GIS data for your infrastructures. By using geomatics industry models, you can create a structured database and interconnected networks that are synched with descriptive and graphic data to produce network analyses and prepare intervention plans.



Create 3D models of infrastructure projects - using InfraWorks

Need to sell your projects or obtain approval for more complex concepts? Want to preview a preliminary design? InfraWorks integrates design, GIS, and other data to easily create a detailed, highly realistic 3D model that will help you get your ideas across more clearly.




Manage Lidar data and point clouds – using Recap

Recap lets you handle Lidar and other point cloud files in order to integrate them more easily into design software such as Civil 3D.



Quantify and sequence infrastructure projects – using Navisworks Simulate

Navisworks Simulate is used to integrate designs from various sources (including Civil 3D), and quantify and link elements to a project schedule. It is the perfect tool for all you comprehensive project management needs.



Perform hydrology analyses – using Storm & Sanitary Analysis (SSA)

SSA is used to perform hydrology analyses in conjunction with Civil 3D.



Convert raster data into vector data – using Raster Design

Convert your matrix-type (raster) plans into vector data for integration into your AutoCAD, Map 3D, or Civil 3D projects. You’ll enjoy better image quality while still using the same commands as for your favourite applications.



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