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The BIM 360 family: 3 products to help you stay on track with your construction projects

Having problems accessing your BIM models in the cloud? Not with Autodesk’s family of BIM 360 products! But, it’s still important to provide a clear explanation of each component in order to understand what they’re used for. Since Consortech is a key partner for Autodesk for BIM 360 products, I felt this was an important topic to cover.

BIM 360 Glue

This cloud-based solution allows for increased BIM coordination by establishing connections between multidisciplinary project team members on a single portal, regardless of their locations. This application can be used during the design and construction phases, all the way through to building operations. The shared work space makes resolving coordination issues much easier, regardless of the modeling software used, while making the 3D model available on the work site via a mobile application.

BIM 360 Field

This application allows for tighter worksite management thanks to its online and mobile interface, which provides all stakeholders with access to crucial project data. Deficiency tracking is improved, particularly with respect to quality control, health and safety, and commissioning.  Users also have access to the latest versions of drawings via a cloud-based library, and can add notes and comments to drawings and site photos to clarify issues.

BIM 360 Plan

The latest addition to the Autodesk family, this tool simplifies the Lean construction process by streamlining the planning phase. The ultimate goal: A more reliable, realistic, and efficient planning process that involves all stakeholders.

Basically, why work like this:

Image 1-blogue_BIM-360

…when you can work like this?


The answer is clear!


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Marie-Pierre Lebel

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