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Storm and Sanitary Analysis and Civil 3D paired up to make drainage calculations easier

Autodesk now offers several civil engineering design tools. Among them, the Storm and Sanitary Analysis (SSA) tool is used to perform hydraulic and hydrological calculations on urban watersheds. The tool supports the calculation methods used most often by Québec designers (SWMM, rational method, and TR-55).

The use of SSA in combination with AutoCAD Civil 3D offers a methodology focused on the exchange of models between technicians and engineers. The drainage network is first drawn in Civil 3D according to piping and structural rules, to ensure that the network respects the road geometry, frost depth, and maximum and minimum slopes.


The file is then exported to SSA by clicking the “Edit in Storm and Sanitary Analysis” button.

The user can then view the model as drawn in the design tool, making the transition from concept to engineering calculations much smoother. The correspondence between the Civil 3D structures and the SSA objects is determined by the user, who then need only outline and characterize the sub-watersheds and select the relevant rainfall(s).


Using the .stm import/export functions, changes to be made to the network can be reintegrated directly into Civil 3D to update the original plans.

The use of SSA and Civil 3D optimizes the transition from the technical drawing to the engineering calculations, and vice versa. It also maximizes the use of resources within the work team.

By Jean-Philippe Loisel

Consultant in Civil Engineering

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