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Pierre Gauthier renewed his FME Professional certification

     Congratulations to Pierre Gauthier for maintaining his FME Certified Professional accreditation!

For the past few years, Safe Software has tightened the accreditation rules and now requires a strict partnership process.

Indeed, Pierre, a Senior Programmer Analyst, made sure his accreditation would be renewed through his presentation on the complex and innovative projects he was involved in to the Safe Software review panel. He could show his involvement as part of the internal Consortech Development Team and described the projects completed with the City of York and the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry. He could then prove to the Safe Software technical experts responsible for issuing accreditations that he is a top-notch FME with current working and technical skills.

Pierre Gauthier has now been a member of the Consortech Development Team for 7 years and a Safe Software certified professional since September 2013.

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