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Offer your clients more thanks to new technological tools in architecture

Did you know that the tools used in your renovation or construction projects can be put to use to offer your clients value added services? If you want to optimize the occupation rate of your resources outside of peak periods, here are some ideas for new, fairly simple services which will enable you to offer more and maintain your business’s rapid pace all year long.


Tracking changes to the model

Some of your clients have the knowledge and ability to carry out by themselves different manipulations in the 3D model. At the same time, the pace of the industry sometimes means tight deadlines. This is why professional services such as yours can be extremely useful for keeping close track of changes and ensuring that the model reflects the building’s current state.

Integrating up-to-date property management data

The model your clients receive is full of priceless data. Why not give them a hand in integrating it into their property management system? They will be able to verify what they need and be better informed about the equipment in their buildings. You can even help them in extracting information which can be used for purchases, pre-purchases and promoting their activities.

Suggesting remodelling solutions

There are some pretty interesting solutions for more closely overseeing renovation or remodelling projects. Why not suggest to your existing clients to simulate and visualize personnel movements directly in the model by running different scenarios? This way, you can help them make better decisions, better communicate the different options and their impacts, and avoid the numerous changes this kind of project often entails.

Visualizing  evacuation plan

You know your clients have to respect safety standards implemented by the city or the property manager, and that evacuation plans are an integral part of good management practices. Suggest visualizing the evacuation route before it is put in place. They can detect obstructions, modify the route as needed and present their employees and tenants with a tested route.

As-built modeling

It can be a great advantage to an owner to have a clearer picture of their building. You could offer your clients to include their building information in a 3D model and to visualize it. Even if you have not been doing the building’s design work from the beginning! Even if your client only has 2D plans! This enables you to offer them the opportunity to be better informed about their assets and be ready to make better decisions regarding operation, development, renovation or construction. Your clients will have a powerful communications and visualization tool in their hands.


Creating a partnership with a contractor or developer

Clearly demonstrate the value of a partnership between you and a contractor/developer with the help of a single, exchangeable model. On the one hand, the visualization will enable the developer to better communicate their ideas, to better sell their project and to have a precise image of their building. On the other hand, you will be able to take advantage of duplicate information in projects and accrued knowledge of your client’s methods to be more efficient during the design. Information can be extracted from the model to be used in producing estimates and construction sequencing, making it easier to deliver projects within budget and deadlines.

Knowing how to optimize expertise, tools and software will have positive effects not only on your office’s prosperity, but also on the development and consolidation of your team’s expertise.

Need help in knowing how to concretely add these services to your service offer?

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By Geneviève Crête

BIM Expert Consultant

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