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Network or standalone? Deploying the power of your Autodesk licenses within your organization

In the wake of the major changes that Autodesk announced regarding how its products are sold, organizations should reconsider their short- and medium-term software needs. Though the impacts of the switch from selling perpetual licenses to leasing are not major for many, we feel all our clients should take a moment to step back so they can make the right decisions that will help them protect their investments and continue getting the most from their existing fleet.

One action that we suggest is networking all standalone licenses. It is important to do so before January 31, 2016 for standalone products (AutoCAD, Civil 3D, Revit, etc.) and before July 31, 2016 for suites (Building, Infrastructure, Product, etc.), as this will no longer be possible after those deadlines. There is an exception for the AutoCAD suite, which will no longer be offered after January 31, 2016. The use of licenses in network mode has two major advantages.

Better software accessibility for users

It is possible to share among a larger number of users within the organization, which in some cases makes it easier to lower the total number of licenses to acquire.

Easier management of licenses

Network-mode licenses are also much simpler for the IT department to deploy and manage. The contract administrator can easily track usage management, both for optimization purposes and out of a desire to adhere to the terms of the Autodesk contract. He or she may, for example, facilitate access to earlier versions and manage the software's language.

Act now!

Going from standalone mode to network mode is definitely the next step to consider for any organization that wants to benefit from the changes underway at Autodesk. At the same time, they should also be thinking about their acquisition needs in the short and medium term. Don't forget to make sure that all your licenses are covered by the Subscription program. Keep in mind that the options for changing the current perpetual licenses will be considerably reduced after January 31, 2016, and non-existent after July 31, 2016.

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