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Meet Our New BIM Consultant

A few weeks ago, we had the pleasure of welcoming Sébastien Dubois to our team of BIM experts. Sébastien holds a vocational diploma in building design and his careed led him to specialize in architectural design. He has over 16 years’ experience as an architectural technician. In his previous job, he also worked as BIM manager and advised management on technological needs and trends.

Let’s get to know him better through six questions!

Can you tell us about a few recent projects that you’re especially proud of?

I’ve carried out several consortium projects for the hotel industry. Those projects were very stimulating and motivating. I had to manage a multidisciplinary team and ensure that the objectives of the project were always in line with those of the client. I also worked on interior design projects using Revit in a BIM approach. My role was to support the work teams, provide training, and basically help them become self-sufficient on Revit software.

What impact did the arrival of BIM have on the way you work, apply your expertise and address industry professionals?

BIM helps me structure my work better and see the big picture of my projects. I also have more control over information transfers—both the data received and that provided. BIM also helps me ensure that information is consistent with clients’ needs. On the industry side, I noticed that architects, structural engineers and building mechanics specialists were quick to adopt it. Contractors were the next ones to become interested, and prime contractors are starting to see real value in it. The big change with BIM is the interactive aspect of projects: there’s less waiting, and steps can be completed simultaneously.

For you, what is the most important aspect of a job?

I have to love what I do and work with people I like—that’s the key. I would say that collaborative work is very motivating for me. I’m also a fan of continuous improvement and having an open mind. In my opinion, building on the inherent strengths of each member of a team is extremely important for meeting challenges.

What is the main strength or quality you bring to the table as a BIM consultant at Consortech?

I’m someone who likes to “think outside the box.” I like trying new things, and I’m a big early adopter of new technologies. I often try to make projections of some concepts or methods in an attempt to figure out how they could be applied to my clients’ business context.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

I like biking, mountain climbing and spending time with my family. And reading, too, although I’d like to have more time for it.

 What’s your strategy to win the next Consortech hockey pool?

It’s quite simple, actually: first, I’ll look at other employees’ predictions, and then I’ll tweak those a bit. I’m also taking the “all-or-nothing” approach.


Interesting! Sébastien’s skills as a visionary, strategist and BIM expert will definitely help our clients make and strengthen their shift to BIM.

Welcome aboard, Sébastien!

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