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The many benefits of incorporating BIM into real property management

BIM Gestion immobilière

It is surprising to note that, even in 2017, many fields related to real property operate in an almost archaic way. While the obstacles to implementing digital tools are well known and documented, manual methods continue to be used, and the incorporation of computer tools always seems to be put off until later. In the meantime, the lack of consistent and up-to-date information continues to make building management and maintenance cumbersome, resulting in significant costs over a building’s life.

For owners and managers, entering and archiving construction data in management and operating systems presents significant challenges. Most often, the data is in binders or on DVDs, which makes it difficult for the people who would benefit from it the most to access it. Mobile technology, however, is at people’s fingertips, and applications like Building Ops are redefining the way that real property is managed and that stakeholders work together.

Centralizing, sharing and analyzing data for better operations

BIM technology yields an excellent return on investment and undeniably improves operations. Do you have a good understanding of all the advantages it can bring?

Here is how BIM enhances real property management:

  • It helps ensure that construction deadlines are met.
  • With 3D visualization, designs are coordinated and adapted to the owner’s needs.
  • It allows for a better understanding of design issues from beginning to end.
  • It provides opportunities to analyze operating data to reduce waste and energy loss.
  • It improves building quality, thereby reducing maintenance costs.
  • It increases operational efficiency.
  • It makes it possible to analyze rentable area and occupant load, thus optimizing occupancy rates.
  • It consolidates the data needed for real property operations and maintenance and makes it consistent.
  • It facilitates asset and real property management using a data-rich digital model.
  • It promotes effective building life cycle management.

BIM is a powerful centralization tool in the commissioning stage of a building and throughout its useful life. From performance validation to the completion of construction, the information collected will then be easy for the property manager to access and use for preventive maintenance planning and many other tasks.

Our team firmly believes that BIM technology offers key advantages in the field of real property management. Do not hesitate to contact us to share your concerns!

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