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Make the Most of online data extraction during Consortech and Safe Software events

We can access data from an increasing number of sources. We need to be able to extract this data in order to remain connected to the world around us. This invisible data extraction process, called “data fetching,” consists of a set of operations that include extraction, transformation, validation and loading. Our customers has valuable experience working on projects whose common goal was to use data from web services and be able to restructure it in accordance with the standards of their internal systems. We have made sure they can harness the full potential of this online data by creating a bridge between the source and the destination.

This spring, we will be touring eastern and western Canada to share our expertise and experience with data fetching with professionals working with GIS.

The co-founders of Safe Software, Dale Lutz and Don Murray, have invited us to share our online data extraction expertise during their official conference when the FME World Tour stops in Calgary on April 15. The 250 or so participants in attendance will be able to leave knowing a little more about this emerging trend.

Our experts will also join the series of FME user stories presentations when the FME World Tour stops in Toronto (April 14), Winnipeg (April 15) and Edmonton (April 14). During these presentations, they will talk about how planning and environment acknowledge is crucial to implant an online data extraction process. I bet that participants will leave with a few tricks and simple tips.

Closer to home, the program for the FME World Tour events in Montréal and Québec is now finalized. Consortech will host the April 26 and 27 events, which will include a presentation by a product specialist from Safe Software about what’s new with FME in 2016, presentations by clients such as Hydro-Québec and Environment and Climate Change Canada, and technical sessions pertaining to online data extraction, among other things!

You have a myriad of opportunities to hear, see and talk to experts in online data extraction.

Do you want to enhance and automate your online data extraction processes? Come see us in April!

Rémy Pelletier


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