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Infra WOW: Three design tasks starting in the preliminary phase

For some time, the software InfraWorks 360 has offered add-on modules for designing certain infrastructure projects. Combined with InfraWorks' powerful integration and visualization tools, they facilitate preliminary design in a 100% 3D environment. Here's a look at some of what you can do now with these modules.

Design and optimize road geometry

InfraWorks lets you work from the 3D model and define routes in accordance with design standards. It also enables you to alter the road's profile in order to optimize cut and fill quantities.

Offer a bridge design

From the preliminary phases, you can also view different concepts and better integrate them into the existing environment. For instance, the tool makes it possible to switch from one type of girder to another and to choose the right piers for the hydraulic conditions.

Perform hydraulic and retention calculations

Calculate run-off as early as the preliminary phase and choose the pipes and structures that will be needed to direct the water toward the existing network. Additionally, it makes it possible to define optimal management practices in order to limit run-off at the source.


In the end, the information generated can be sent to Civil 3D to complete the design. The tool therefore offers a good foundation for the final design phase of a project.


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Jean-Philippe Loisel

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