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How to get Autodesk 2016 versions easily

Autodesk introduced the 2016 versions for their products in April. (French products will be available in May.) In addition to flagship products such as the Building Design and Infrastructure Design suites, the full line of software programs is now available in their brand-new versions.

When Apple releases new updates, I sometimes tend to delay their installation, partly because I am uncertain about the new functionalities, but mostly as I do not know exactly how much installation time is required, how it will impact my overall applications and whether everything will be executed smoothly. Basically, I can easily put myself in the shoes of an Autodesk license manager who must handle the installation of his new versions.

Fortunately, Autodesk clients can access several options to recover their new license versions.

Free download 

If you are in charge of Autodesk licenses within your organisation, you are most likely to be aware of the Autodesk Account. This website is the only portal where you can manage your licenses and inventories and find a host of free applications. Indeed, this is where you can download without any charge your software program 2016 versions. The user-friendly interface has been refreshed very recently, and the procedure is very easy.

Ordering a USB key 

Autodesk provides an option to order a USB key which includes your new software program 2016 version. Some clients have reportedly experienced difficulties with downloading some files necessary for the execution of a software program via a web download. Was it due to a slow internet or an unstable existing system? Be that as it may, this option is quite attractive and affordable (approximately $30 US payable through a credit card) when the purpose is to save time – and mostly frustrations! Please take a look here, it’s quite simple!


A little help from Consortech

Should you need help with your license inventory, wish to get an update on the use of your products, or ensure your product compliance, please feel free to call our experts!

Do not be surprised if your software program 2012 versions are disabled. Please remember Autodesk allows the use of previous versions up to 4 years prior to current versions.


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