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FME 2016 - three small updates that make a big difference

It's that time of year again - FME 2016 is here, and there are a lot of very exciting changes. There are some fundamental changes, such as the FeatureWriter (this one is groundbreaking), the ability to manage Transformer versions, the new Attribute management tools, a new and stylish interface, Instant Licensing for FME Server, and the list goes on. Today I would just like to focus on some seemingly smaller changes that I find will make a big difference in the usability of FME. So here it is, my top 3 small changes that make a big difference….

Tester Operators

The most popular transformer has received an update. There are now new Operators to filter data on. My favourite new operator is "Attribute has a value". This means that without knowing all the possibilities of how the attribute could not have a value (null, empty string, missing…), we can now just ask one simple question! I will definitely be putting this to use right away. We can also now test for type and possible encoding.


Tree Lists for XML

Before 2016, reading XML in FME meant you needed to have a decent grasp of the code in order to know what to read and how to do it. This year Safe introduced Tree Lists (which also apply in other cases such as databases and user parameters). This functionality scans the data and tells us what's in it, allowing us to select the elements we need from a neatly organized tree view.  


SQL scripting Options

The best things about the new SQL functionality are that:

  • we can have access to all tables and fields in our database directly from FME
  • we can generate scripts automatically
  • we can test our scripts with a Run button


These changes make using the SQL Statement dialogs a lot more simple and efficient to use. I can't wait to start using this one!

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Allison Hughes 

Geomatics consultant

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