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FME 2015: The Long-Awaited, The Remarkable, and The Cool

FME 2015 was officially released this month, and as usual, it does not disappoint. With a multitude of updated and new features, there is something for everyone. Updates include new BIM functionality, new Point Cloud transformers, Web Services developments, new formats and transformers (as usual), and some great desktop upgrades.

Here at Consortech, we’ve investigated the updates and have come up with our own favourites list, categorized by the following: The Remarkable (useful updates we love), The Long-Awaited (these are the ones we’ve been wishing and hoping for), and The Cool (some unexpected treats!).


Database named connections. Now, define your database connections once, and keep your passwords in that saved alias, not in the workspace.

JDBC reading and writing: New JDBC connectivity opens a variety of possibilities of reading and writing databases. Namely, SAP, HANA and Microsoft SQL Server on Linux.

Dynamic feature counts and Full Inspection. Don’t wait until your translation is finished before seeing feature counts and watch features flow through your workspace dynamically! Also, feature counts for unconnected output ports means no sneaky disappearing features. Run with Full Inspection instead of planting down Inspectors, and click the links to inspect. This feature is great for debugging, but if you are looking for performance, don’t forget to turn this functionality off! This is one of my personal favourites.

Dynamic Feature Counts:

FeatureMerger and NeighborFinder performance enhancements. Major upgrades have been made. If you want to benefit from the performance enhancements in an existing workspace, you’ll need to replace the existing transformer.


64 Bit ESRI support. Finally, ESRI users are no longer tied to a 32 bit version of FME!


PDFPageFormatter. Now we can not only write to PDF documents, but we can actually format the pages to make nice layouts for maps and reports. A visual, click-and-drag interface allows you to design your own pdf documents. Yes!

Excel enhancements. Excel is one of the most popular formats for FME users, and it has become a whole lot easier to work with! Try it out and let us know what you think.


Tree-based undo tool. Remember that workflow that you had half an hour ago, but undid and tried something new? Now you can have it back using the history tree, and even visualize your workflow in previous states.

FTPCaller. Use this transformer to read and write directly to and from any FTP site.

Minecraft Reading and Writing. Yep, it’s true.


Allison Hughes

Consultant in geomatics

(Source : www.safe.com)

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