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Félix Lafond Touikan join our GIS experts team

Five Questions for Our New Geomatics Consultant

It is always a joy when our team of experts gains another player. And since our curiosity is not limited to new technologies and industry methods, we had a little chat with Félix to get to know him better.


Can you tell us about a few recent projects that you’re especially proud of?

I had the chance to travel for several months in Brazil and Mexico at the end of my bachelor’s degree. I got to know great people and cultures through my travels! I was even able to acquire work experience abroad as a computer support technician. After that, I started a Master of Science in geography at the Université de Sherbrooke. As part of my research assistant work, I developed a platform supporting self‑guided field trips for master’s students in geography. For over two years now, I’ve been dedicating myself on a daily basis to a field I am passionate about: geomatics.

What new technologies or approaches do you prefer and what impact do they have on the way you work, apply your expertise and address industry professionals?

I was introduced to open-source solutions during my time at the Université de Sherbrooke. These are free programs whose code is open and accessible to everyone. These programs are mostly developed by industry professionals in their spare time. Many of them are practically as efficient as their commercial equivalents. In the field of geomatics, there are numerous open-source solutions that have been developed for several years now (QGIS, PostGIS, GeoServer, OpenStreetMap, Leaflet, etc). For the time being, I have not had a lot of opportunities to use these programs in the workplace, but I anticipate that their popularity will increase in the coming years. Some government departments in Quebec already use QGIS for several geomatics tasks.

For you, what is the most important aspect of a job?

Opportunities to learn and grow within the company.

What strengths or qualities do you bring to the table as a GIS consultant at Consortech?

I like to listen and talk to people, especially about a field that I am as interested in as geomatics. In my role as GIS consultant, I will be called upon to listen to clients’ needs and suggest the appropriate solutions, taking certain constraints into consideration. I will often have to be creative.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

I like using my free time to stretch my arms and legs, which is why I really like hiking, bouldering and doing parkour when I can. I also always like to have a small manual project to work on, such as repairing an old bicycle or taking care of plants.

We have no doubt that Félix will know how to best use his listening and creativity skills to help our clients with the challenges they face in data extraction, transformation and loading.

Welcome aboard, Félix!

By Marie-Soleil Racine

Marketing Manager

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