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Experts in the field of construction at the top to talk technologies

On January 28, 2016, we held an exploratory meeting on the use of technological tools on construction sites in Quebec. We invited around 20 major industry players to join the discussion with Consortech’s consultants. Together we saw how a better flow of information between the office, the trailer and the construction site can improve turnaround times and customer satisfaction, as well as reduce the number of change requests.

With representatives from companies active throughout Quebec, the discussion group met in Old Montréal for a brief cocktail hour followed by a dinner. There, we had the chance to discuss with building mechanics contractors, real estate developers and general contractors.

Souha Tahrani, from the ÉTS research chair, opened the discussion by presenting the findings of the report Construction 2.0 – L’efficacité par le numérique (in French only). The study was conducted among 700 respondents and provided insight into the use of mobile technologies on work sites. It revealed that the technologies chosen and the lack of implementation strategy are major obstacles to the adoption of digital tools.

Next, Marie-Pierre Lebel, Consultant in BIM at Consortech, presented an overview of the current use of technologies on construction sites in Quebec. She stated from the outset that productivity losses of 35 to 65% could be observed for most projects, which certainly set the tone for the discussion that ensued.

The discussion started with a round table, and each participant explained their role within their company. We immediately noticed that regardless of the scope of the projects the participants were responsible for, everyone had a desire to improve their work site productivity.

We hope our guests were inspired by the experience and left with a better insight into the technological changes occurring on construction sites in Quebec.

Need more information about our exploratory meeting on the use of technologies on construction sites? Contact Mrs. Caroline Bergeron!

Marie-Soleil Racine

Marketing Manager

Solutions Consortech inc.

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