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Don Murray, President of Safe Software, stopped by at Consortech to share his vision

The week of October 19th was marked by a visit by Don Murray, President of Safe Software, at our  offices in Brossard. We  met with several long time users of FME from Toronto, Montreal, and Quebec City . The Vancouver based firm's co-founder said he was very impressed with the level of FME know-how , and the meetings brought to his attention a variety of interesting ideas for improving future versions. Listening well and being locally available are among the fundamental values of Safe Software's leaders.

Afterwards, Safe Software representatives spent some time at our offices. They met with several of our team members Including  our developers and consultants, with whom they had the opportunity to discuss two major government projects in which FME was used to validate and integrate data. We are quite happy that Mr. Murray accepted our invitation back in  May, and the most important thing we will take away from his visit is  his vision of the world of data and a scope about news for 2016. As Don Murray said: ‘’Safe is committed to offering powerful, cutting-edge technologies adapted to today's world. But by working directly with partners like Consortech, it's able to grasp the complexity of issues that users encounter and discover how they use their products in different ways." We are thrilled to give you this overview of our meeting.

Safe Software's vision of the world of data

Don Murray had this to say about the future of FME  ‘’The amount of data has doubled in just 18 months. In a world where the amount and types of data are changing at a frantic pace, Safe Software must adapt’’. Data sources themselves are considerably diversifying: Sensors, mobile devices, BIM data, web services, the Internet of Things, etc.  For this reason, the power of SAFE’s flagship software, FME, will have to increase at the same pace in order to keep up with this change. The company is committed to offering smart data connectors to meet these challenges..

What's coming in 2016

As with every year, Safe Software will release a new version of its applications FME and FME Server.  2016 will be a year of changes and improvements, particularly with respect to Writers, which will be better integrated into the workflow. Connections to web services will also be improved. FME will become a sort of web service itself. We will also see a new transformer, Attribute validater, which will enable a multitude of validations in a single tool.  As for FME Server, it will become  easier to add and deploy FME Server Engines. Finally, Safe Software announced to us that it will  launch a new portal for the user community. In addition to being a place for sharing knowledge, Safe wants to give users a voice in its products.

Safe Software and the cloud

One of the biggest technological revolutions of the past few years in computing is unquestionably the arrival of the cloud. Though sometimes criticized or feared, it's here to stay nonetheless. Safe has recognized the importance of this major trend and its adoption within organizations. Don Murray, however, issued a caveat. He acknowledges that for Safe Software, revenue from the cloud is still low. However, this has not stopped the company from considering the cloud as an important part of the future. At Safe Software, it's used to create and share prototypes. Safe wants to improve its users' experience in the cloud by informing clients more effectively about how they are using it so they don't get surprises when billed, and by offering a faster deployment of engines and a highly secure environment.

Safe Software has made a promise to ensure their  FME and FME Server plateforms will continue keep pace with the changing world of data without losing sight of GIS data and location services, for which it has a strong reputation. We are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the improvements planned for January 2016.


Marie-Soleil Racine

Marketing manager

Solutions Consortech inc.

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