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Design Review... It's free

Recently, while I was giving an advanced training course at a client’s workplace, the conversation turned to the use of network licences by users who only need to view drawings and who make very few changes.

Me: Why not install Design Review?

Them: It doesn’t work very well and the 3D images aren’t great.

Me: WHAAAT? Do people really still think that?

So, without further ado, here’s how it really works.


Civil 3D in plan and 3D views:

Design Review 3D

Seriously, what’s the problem?

And Design Review even includes a lighting command that changes the appearance of a presentation with a click of the mouse. You can also change the colour of a specific object.

There are no more excuses when it comes to 3D and plan views. The possibilities are endless and… it’s FREE!

Install it on as many computers as you want—your receptionist can even view your Civil 3D drawings.

Remember that Design Review is first and foremost a viewing software, which gives you a general overview and also allows you to take measurements and annotate drawings.

The only part of Civil that’s ever given me trouble is displaying an analysis in 3D. In the end, I configured the analysis so that it displays in 3D Face in Civil. I saved the work and just before launching the export command in 3D DWF, I simply exploded the surface. In AutoCAD mode, the 3D Faces keep their colours and the effect in Design Review is flawless.

Design Review is a great tool that deserves to be shared, installed, and used.


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Martin Côté

Consultant in civil engineering



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