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Carry out projects or manage Autodesk licences ?

Have you ever asked yourself if it was possible to do your job without having to worry about being an expert in Autodesk licence management at the same time?

Have you sometimes had the impression that you are wasting precious time managing your various Autodesk licences without ever being sure that you are getting the most out of the rights and benefits?

Do more with what you already have

My colleagues and I have noticed that many clients do not make optimal use of the licences they have. Licences and installed versions of software are often not indexed, those that should be uninstalled are still there, users have installed non-compliant software, the list goes on.

In other cases, we have seen the reverse situation, in which users have not installed the current or former versions of software they own because they don’t exactly remember the privileges associated with their products. How can you reap the benefits of purchased licences in a situation like that?

Ensure compliant use

You have probably asked yourself whether you are allowed to install some software on a laptop for the construction site when it is already installed on a station at the office. Did you know, under certain conditions, you may have the right to access your Autodesk software at home?

Protect and manage your Autodesk products

I admit in all humility that I, myself, have not mastered all the subtleties of the sometimes confusing language of software management. Fortunately, my colleagues from the technical sales team are experts in that. They have even been trained and have received certification from Autodesk recognizing their ability (SAM Certified). They can advise and guide you through the installation of your software, taking you through the rollout to its use, and uninstalling it. Their job is to educate and protect the clients who want their help, in addition to optimizing their various software solutions.

Consortech: Providing valuable help!

In all honesty, we feel that the subject of Autodesk licence management is important right now because some of our clients have mentioned to us that they have been audited by Autodesk and have suggested that we do more to publicize our SAM offer. Optimizing the management of the various Autodesk software products through the SAM program (Software Asset Management) enables the user to make better use of licences and guarantees the compliance and legitimacy of their installed software.

To each his own work! Designing buildings, managing projects and delivering plans is the focus of the majority of our clientele. The focus of the Consortech team is to help our clients do their jobs with more efficiency and fewer worries.

The Consortech team masters the finer details of the privileges and conditions associated with the installation of Autodesk products and can propose an optimal use of licences all while guaranteeing that Autodesk will not carry out a compliance audit for 90 days.


By Caroline Bergeron

Director, Business development AEC-BIM

If this subject interests you, I encourage you to contact us directly:

Louis Robin

Technical Sales Representative

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