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BIM and the Third Industrial Revolution

Did you know that we are currently experiencing the third industrial revolution? This one is characterized by several major innovations in energy and communications, and the changes it brings about affect our everyday life.

Previous revolutions also caused society to undergo remarkable transformations. The first involved mechanical technologies (such as the steam engine), leading to the development of printing and transport. The second pertained to the combustion engine and electricity, two major inventions that definitely brought their share of changes!

For its part, the third industrial revolution has two central elements:

  1. Energy-wise, we are seeing a transition from fossil fuels to renewable sources such as wind, solar and geothermal energy.
  2. Communications are being revolutionized by the use of Internet and new connected devices. It’s what you might call the digital revolution, under whose umbrella the sharing economy and big data can be found.

What does BIM contribute to digital challenges associated with this revolution?

BIM (Building Information Modeling) is a process and set of work methods linked to a digital 3D mock-up that contains smart and structured data. It enables buildings to be designed more efficiently by facilitating better coordination during construction in addition to better meeting clients’ needs and optimizing the use of resources. In other words, it’s a very concrete expression of the will to properly manage energy and avoid waste.

The BIM model provides benefits not only in the planning and construction stages of a building, but also during its useful life. Sensors can be installed to collect and store information such as room temperature or ventilation efficiency. With this data, building managers can know the state of their building and make adjustments to its systems to operate it better. Watch this video to learn more about how a building’s performance can be viewed using a digital mock-up.

The powerful software in use today brings new possibilities to the field of real property management and operation. With the BIM model, you can optimize the use of rental spaces and plan layouts and moves to the last detail. BIM also lets you centralize vital building management documents, such as user manuals or technical specifications. Keeping all your information in the same place improves management in countless ways.

A model that’s full of possibilities

BIM is a manifestation of an advanced vision of information in which data from the construction process is used throughout the life of a building. In addition to reducing the costs and risks of projects, this model continues to yield gains for several years.

Would you like more information about the benefits of working with a digital mock-up for your projects? Our specialists are here for you!

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