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BIM or No, Reduce the Costs and Risks of Your Construction Projects

Choosing to work using the BIM approach is a business decision that requires a well-defined action plan and that entails a significant learning curve. This conversion calls for you to reflect on your business objectives and to manage change within your company. There are technologies and work methods that can reduce your risks and drive your productivity through a step-by-step process. There is no single path or universal truth for applying the BIM approach. You will see its benefits quickly, and the road to get there is not as long as you think. Using these technologies and business processes will enable your company to be good and ready the day that an interesting business opportunity requiring BIM will come along. Here is a list of improvements that you can make to your projects right now using data integration and transfer technologies, whether or not you use the BIM approach!

  • Better coordinating the spaces reserved for installation
  • Planning clearances during the design phase
  • Prefabricating and assembling in a plant instead of on the construction site
  • Minimizing the need to move equipment
  • Better planning the quantities of materials
  • More accurately managing orders and deliveries to the construction site
  • Optimizing the work of teams on the construction site

There are many benefits to integrating modelling, visualization and site management tools into your work methods, and you will quickly see the resulting productivity gains. Moreover, your company and your staff will be able to fully convert to BIM when it will be required… or desired.

Are you ready to get better results and reduce your risks by integrating technology into your business processes? Let us help you make it happen!

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