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Autodesk’s New Features for 2017 Are Here!

The time of year has come when Autodesk unveils its new versions and introduces new features to optimize your experience working with its software. Before we dive into those new features, we should remind you that Autodesk has implemented a new way of purchasing its software. The shift to a subscription-based model was a gradual one: the sale of perpetual licenses for individual desktop software products ended on January 31, 2016, and product suites will follow suit on July 31, 2016. With that out of the way, let’s go back to the software you own! Here is a list of the new features our experts found the most interesting.

AutoCAD 2017

Importing PDF files
You can now import geometry, TrueType text and raster images from a PDF or PDF underlay into a drawing and as AutoCAD objects.

Displaying Navisworks models
You can now view Navisworks and BIM 360 Glue models directly in AutoCAD.

AutoCAD 360 Pro mobile app
The Pro version of AutoCAD 360 is now included with your annual subscription. This app lets you use AutoCAD while out in the field. You can open files, draw, make changes and measurements, and sync your changes between several devices, including your tablet or laptop.

Civil 3D 2017

Corridor modelling
You now have access to tools that can create a corridor from a feature line and produce more precise “corner” models.

Pipe networks
The pressure pipe network catalogue is much more detailed.

Improved data sharing
You can now share styles between drawings more easily.

Optimal use of data shortcuts
Sharing corridors with data shortcuts allows you to create section views and perform volume calculations from other drawings.

InfraWorks 2017

Model Builder and connecting DWG drawings
You can add more details to your designs and overlay a DWG drawing using the Model Builder.

Better interoperability
Model data exchange for finalizing roundabout designs is now easier in Civil 3D. You can also export bridge models to Revit to finish the design.

Improved road design tools
Preliminary design work is easier thanks to the profile, roundabout intersection and analysis tools.

Revit 2017

View depth added
View depth is now available in elevation, and you can now change line weight at different distances from the camera.

Modelling for manufacturing
Automating the manufacture of ducts is now much easier. You can retrieve the modelling done by designers and convert it into manufacturing models.

The 2017 version of Revit lets you better control graphics during 3D view manipulation. Revit 2017 now manages the elements that need to be redrawn quickly to provide context and refines the level of detail when you’re done navigating in that view.

Navisworks 2017

The new version of Navisworks allows you to better manage and share annotated views on the A360 platform with products such as BIM 360 Glue. This interoperability between products lets you share your comments with your client and the design team in real time.

The A360 platform

Enhanced service
The A360 platform is constantly improving and helping you work in teams more easily. The Collaboration for Revit service will simplify IT deployment in consortium projects by letting you host your central model on a cloud network accessible from anywhere with various security levels.

If you’re curious to see these new features in action, download Autodesk’s 2017 versions today!

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