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Autodesk switches to collections

A few years ago, Autodesk put product suites on the market. These suites brought together the software available to users in a single package allowing for a variety of design and analysis work. Autodesk has now announced that these suites will be taken off the market as of October 2016. The products that made up the suites will from now on be available in even larger packages, called collections, and will be grouped by industry.

If you have subscribed to a suite:

As of October 2016, you will have to accept or refuse Autodesk’s free offer to switch to collections, and you will be able to enjoy the advantages of the collections. For the moment, therefore, no action is required for customers using the Building Design Suite or the Infrastructures Design Suite on a subscription or maintenance plan.

If you have licences for individual products on maintenance plan:

You will have to renew your licences by the date specified in your contract, but the transfer to a collection of products will not be automatic. You will have to subscribe in order to access a new collection, and normal subscription fees will apply.

If you have licences for individual products or suites without a maintenance plan:

You will be able to continue using your products, but will not have access to updates, and there will be no automatic transfer to the collections. A promotion is currently running that will allow you to subscribe to any Autodesk product without maintenance plan version 1998 to 2017 for three years at a 50% discount. We strongly recommend you take advantage of it!  See the promotion.

From building engineering to infrastructure engineering

The most interesting collection for you is, without question, the Autodesk Architecture, Engineering & Construction Collection. It includes AutoCAD Civil 3D, InfraWorks 360, Revit and AutoCAD, among other software. (See the complete list of products.) The collection allows you to access all the tools adapted to your work, integrate your work processes more efficiently and combine CAD, BIM and the cloud to optimize the design and improve the delivery of your projects.

                                                               Some advantages


More cost-efficient and sustainable than the suites

The collections actually offer a better value than the premium level suites. They include even more products for a lower price. By buying a collection, you’ll be able to respond to the changing needs of your company thanks to the extensive selection of software, regular updates and optimized work processes. 

Reduction of expenses and IT management

Autodesk collections bring together products that meet the needs of the majority of different types of users in a company. The solutions offered in these collections use the best current and future technologies. A wide range of tools is offered to users at an attractive price.

Improved cloud services

The collections offer more cloud services, allowing you to rely on the cloud’s computing power. When you subscribe to a collection with multi-user access, each user is guaranteed access to cloud services.

More choice, more flexibility

Subscriptions to the collections are available with single-user and multi-user access. You also have the choice of different subscription terms according to your business needs.


Want to take advantage of the power, simplicity and flexibility of the new Autodesk collections?  Sign up for our free webinar on October 13, 2016

By Marie-Soleil Racine

Marketing Manager


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