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Autodesk 2016 new functionalities for infrastructure

Spring is an annual period of renewal and, like every year, Autodesk users who are considering taking the installation plunge have an opportunity to check out the new features of the latest versions. For your pleasure, satisfaction, or enjoyment, here are some new developments that might persuade some of you to give up the comforts of your 2015 versions for the new 2016 versions.





DWG format

As promised, no changes have been made to the DWG format in the 2016 version, meaning that it will still be possible to move up or down between 2013 to 2016 versions of DWG files.



  • A dedicated feature has been added to the “Insert” tab to control data transfers between Infraworks and Civil 3D. You can import preliminary designs, including bridges.
  • You can attach an NWD or NWC model (Navisworks coordination model) in XREF format.
  • Import/export in IFC format to exchange solids.


Point clouds

  • New tools such as SNAP, CROP, and POINT CLOUD MANAGER allow for better viewing and manipulation of point clouds.
  • The command “Create Surface from Point Cloud” is now included in the ribbon.
Image 3_blogue_infra_2016

Data shortcut

An improved shortcut manager allows users to select and compare the objects in a drawing with those available in the project. The repair and replacement of links have also been enhanced.


Drawings shortcut

  • Selection of axes by layers in 3D project targets.
  • Directional change of cross-sectional views; ascending and descending linking.
  • Indication of the location of the axis crossing on a pipeline.
  • Exclusion of a region from the analysis of a drainage basin.


Improvements related to AutoCAD

  • SNAP allows users to snap to the geometric centre of a polygon.
  • New features for the review cloud.
  • Border around MTEXT.
  • Automatic text return in ratings.




AutoCAD and vertical products

Allows a BIM model to be attached in AutoCAD for better BIM coordination.


2D surveying (2D TakeOff)

  • Change the appearance of 2D surveying calculations by changing the colour, opacity, and thickness of items.
  • More print options for 2D results.

Greater collaboration

  • New file types such as Graphisoft©, ArchiCAD© 17 and 18, Rhino3D.
  • Addition of Adobe PDF 2D for additional assistance with 2D surveying calculations.



                                                              AutoCAD RECAP

File types

More types than before:

More efficient measurement tools

Access more benefits at a lower price by migrating to ReCap Pro (not included with the suite).




In keeping with our transparency policy, I’ve listed below the software to which few or no changes have been made. Barring a last-minute brilliant discovery, you can expect nothing out of the ordinary from these software, other than the great features already contained in their previous versions.


  • Map 3D
  • Raster Design
  • Autodesk Storm and Sanitary Analysis





  • Access to Infraworks 360 LT
  • Bridge Module
  • Geotechnical Module
  • Rail Module
  • River and Flood Analysis Module (Ultimate Suite)
  • Structural Analysis for Revit
  • Green Building Studio



Please contact me for more information about our latest developments. 

Martin Côté

Consultant in civil engineering


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