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Alert: Civil 3D update



If you draw pipe networks with structures, avoid using Civil 3D 2016 for now

Update season is around the corner and we’re right in the thick of it. Many of our users prefer to always have the latest versions of the software, and good for them! In my blog post about the new additions to the Infrastructure suite, you’ll notice that no major changes have been made in terms of pipe networks, but that there’s a stronger focus on interoperability. So, I can see how it would be tempting to install Civil 2016 just to try out these new features.


Error message and abnormal structure display

One daring client pointed out a hiccup to me: When you open a drawing created with a previous version, an error message appears—the infamous UNABLE TO RUN macro for the C3DPipeNetworkRules.dll file. When a user adds a pipe network or extends an existing network, the structures look really strange. Until recently, Autodesk suggested that users apply solutions to similar problems encountered with previous versions. If you’re currently dealing with this issue, don’t waste your time with these solutions—they don’t work.


There is no alternative solution…

Autodesk informed me that it was aware of the situation and that its Development department was working hard to find a solution (hotfix, patch, or other service pack—whatever you want to call it) as quickly as possible. If your Autodesk Application Manager is installed and active, you should receive a notice as soon as Autodesk publishes the solution.


There is some good news

If you’ve already installed Civil 2016 and started working on your drawings, you should be aware that THIS BUG WILL NOT AFFECT YOUR DRAWINGS; it will not corrupt, modify, or alter them in any way. The problem only appears when you’re drawing a pipe network. Ironically, you can manipulate (but not draw) a network that already appears in the drawing.


If you don’t need to draw a network, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be using the 2016 version for now. If you have to add or extend a network after having upgraded to the Civil 2016 version, simply close Civil 2016 and open your drawing with your previous version (no earlier than 2013).


Here’s a quick tip for all our users from a former computer technician: If possible, never uninstall your previous versions when you’re installing a new version. This applies to all software, not just Autodesk products. This should be something that your computer technicians do as a matter of course. Always have an exit strategy, just in case...

I can already hear the sarcastic comments from some of you, and that’s fair. I hope you appreciate the openness and transparency of the team at Consortech, which is always on the lookout for ways to improve your experience with these powerful, but particular tools.


I look forward to seeing you at our Autodesk 2016 launch event on June 9 in Montréal and on June 10 in Québec City. Come join us to learn all about the exciting new features!

Martin Côté

Consultant in civil engineering

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