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9 FME 2017 Features that Caught our Eye

FME 2017

FME new releases are a highlight of the year here at Consortech. With only a few days until the FME World Tour 2017, which will stop in Montréal and Québec, our team has put together an overview of the exciting new features in the latest FME software release. Here are the upgrades that caught our attention.

The Eagerly Awaited Features

  • Better date and time handling. A new DateTimeCalculator transformer makes it easier to work with dates, and new DateTime features make adding, subtracting and calculating time and date ranges much easier than in previous versions (anywhere you can use a text editor).

  • A dockable parameters panel. Now you can dock the parameters panel and keep it visible instead of having to open a dialog box. We think this ergonomic improvement is the way of the furure - dialog boxes will slowly disappear, making way for features in the dockable pane.
GIF 1 - Panneau des parametres
  • Time limits for FME Server tasks. This feature, which cancels queued tasks (jobs) according to a set time limit, gathered the highest number of votes ever in the FME Server ideas forum. Tasks that take more time than expected are cancelled, freeing up the queue.

The Simply Practical

  • New web service connectors. New connectors in FME Desktop communicate with web services:
    • OneDriveConnector
    • GoogleDriveConnector
    • AutodeskA360Connector
    • BoxConnector
    • DropboxConnector (formerly DropboxCaller)
    • Geocoder (to connect to different geocoding services)

  • FME Server projects. A project can group all the different components of an FME Server solution for export, sharing and deployment. You can now migrate and back-up your solutions in one easy step, avoiding complicated manual procedures. Among other things, a project can group:
    • Tasks
    • Connections
    • Repositories
    • Schedules
    • Etc.
  • Enhanced security. Server administrators and users now have more control over how permissions are set with this feature. Improved Active Directory (AD) integration provides a unified security management framework, so AD and FME Security can run together in a single user-friendly interface.

The Ergonomic

  • Custom line styles. There are now three connection line styles to choose from: Curvy, Manhattan and Classic.

  • Data Inspector updates. It’s now easier to analyze data subsets with the Data Inspector table view. How? Navigate your data with a dropdown menu to view and order your columns however you see fit.

  • Use your keyboard to make quick additions. More options appear when you type on the canvas. The Quick Add feature offers more than transformers—now you can add readers and writers, or custom formats from the FME hub.

This concludes our overview of noteworthy new features in FME 2017. Refer to this post from Safe Software for a more detailed look at all the new features.

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