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6 Essential Resources to Build your FME Expertise

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Whether you’ve been using FME for a few months or for several years, keeping your knowledge up to date is a must. Fortunately, FME developer Safe Software produces a lot of educational material for its users in several formats:

  • Webinars on various topics are offered by Safe Software employees (based on Vancouver’s time zone) and by the company’s partners. You can attend a live webinar or watch those available on the site.
  • A fully online knowledge base offers tutorials to get familiar with the various parts of the software step by step.
  • A forum section can also help you find answers to specific questions.

Other resources available elsewhere online

In addition to what’s on Safe Software’s website, other platforms were created to distribute and complement the available resources:

  • GitBook: Here, you’ll find the official basic and advanced training manuals for FME Desktop and FME Server (2016 and 2017).
  • FME Hub: Here, you can download free custom transformers, templates, web services connections, etc.
  • FME Channel on Youtube: This channel offers videos of various formats to help both new and experienced users. As you browse the channel, you’ll notice that it divides its content into two categories:
    • Learning and tutorials. This section features four playlists that include:
      • 78 webinars, each around one hour long
      • 16 videos on common transformations
      • 4 videos on FME Desktop 2016
      • 5 videos explaining FME Server
    • Who we are. This section features three playlists and contains:
      • 80 videos on international user conferences
      • 11 testimonials of customers talking about their success with FME
      • 12 videos that skew more towards “fun” than “educational” (including a song to learn the formats supported by FME!)
    • If you’re seeking the answer to a specific question, you can search through the contents of the channel using the magnifying glass icon in the menu.

Feel free to explore these various informational resources and share them with your colleagues. Keep in mind that our team is always available to support you if you need it. Contact us!

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